Customizing Magento

Some good starting points for customizing Magento--themes, extensions, custom module development.

Theming Tutorials


Sources of Magento Themes

Module Dev Tutorials

Dev and Design Books

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Q/A & Forums

  • Magento Forums
    • The forums are still a good place to search for general answers and to float specific questions. Take answers and posts older than 2010 with a grain of salt, Magento has changed considerably.
  • Magento Go Forum
    • Nice community support forum for Go. Most questions are answered both by the Magento team and community members.
  • Stack Overflow
    • Diverse developer group on SO who can answer most types of Magento questions. Skews technical, so save your how-to admin questions for the Magento forums.
  • Magento Answers
    • Hard to use Q/A system, but may get you specific answers. Worth a try.


  • Core Principles for Theming in Magento
    • Introduction to Magento’s templating system and best practices. Developed, and sometimes taught, by Kara here at Brillig House.
  • Fundamentals of Magento Development
    • Introduction to development in Magento. Course covers Magento architecture, MVC and data models, how to work with Magento modules, and how to customize and extend Magento.

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