Magento theme design

Leverage the power of Magento best practices.

Best practices in your Magento theme design and development ensure the most flexible and upgradable theme possible that allow you to leverage the full power of the Magento platform. Knowing how to create your Magento themes involves knowing what’s going on under the surface and what are the implications of various approaches.

Magento Enterprise, Professional and Community Edition’s templating system is powerful but maybe just a wee bit complex. We can help you and your team design and develop your Magneto theme (or do it all for you) so that your frontend design and development work provides you with a powerful framework for all your store’s future growth and enhancements.

Magento Go uses the same internal architecture as Magento’s deployed platform but masks some of the complexity to allow for more WYSIWYG editing of the theme. We can help you to really customize your Magento Go store and tap into the flexibility of the Magento platform beyond the editor.

Web standards like CSS3 and HTML5 and design frameworks like 960 Grid and Blueprint help create modern designs that keep your store design and frontend code fresh and clean.

We focus on creating standards-compliant and accessible Magento themes that are optimized for SEO and accessible on multiple browsers and devices. You need to be where your customers are and your theme should help you get there.

Clean slate Magento framework theme based on 960 Grid is the starting point for most of our theme designs.