Magento training and consulting

Get just the type of help your team needs.

A successful Magento store is about good business, good design, good development and good hosting. You’re probably good at some, maybe even most, of those things but maybe not all of them. We can help you with just the level of consulting or training you and your team needs.

Store set up To paraphrase Yogi Berra, 90% of launching an eCommerce site is set up; the other half is development. Whether it’s setting up your catalog and products, or configuring the checkout process and gateways, or setting up multiple Magneto stores, we can help you understand how to set up your Magento installation to best match the needs of your business and current processes.

Store management Once your store goes live, the fun really begins. We can help you learn how to manage promotions, content, orders and customers on your Magento store. We can also help Enterprise and Professional customers better understand how to use some of the advanced features available in those editions.

SEO Make sure your site and theme are fine tuned for SEO. We’ll do an SEO evaluation on your site and show you how to use Magento’s features to improve your organic results.

Customization If you’re looking to customize your Magento store by customizing your theme, adding extensions or creating custom modules we can help you evaluate your various options and determine the best approach.

Assessment We like Magento and all, but it’s not the only available platform and it’s not the right platform for every business. We’ve worked in eCommerce since the beginning of eCommerce and with most of the major platforms out there and can also help you assess honestly whether Magento is right for you. We’ll also help with vendor and other technology assessment for Magento installations.

Something else? Don’t see what you need? Drop us a note and we’re actually happy to help you find another firm that has expertise in the area you need. (Just pay it forward.)