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July 6, 2011

By Kara Heinrichs


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Shopping Cart Price Rule Recipes — Free Shipping Promos

To set up Free-Shipping promotions, go to ADMIN: Promotions→Shopping Cart Price Rules. Set the information in the “Rule Information” tab as desired. All of these Free-Shipping promotions can be set up with and without coupon codes. Use the guidelines below for filling in the “Conditions” and “Actions” tabs. As always, be sure to test your promotion before making it live.

When setting up Free Shipping promotions for the first time, also go to ADMIN: System→Configuration→Shipping Methods and verify that the option to which “Free Shipping” can be applied for each shipping method is the one you want (by default, these are always set to the “ground” option).

NOTE: Shopping Cart Price Rules for free shipping don’t work quite the way you might expect when you use table rates for the shipping method. All the other shipping methods allow you to indicate which of the modes is the free shipping method. Table rates doesn’t for some reason. To enable it for table rates, you need to enable the “Free shipping” method in ADMIN: System> Configuration> Shipping Methods tab> Free Shipping panel. Set the “Minimum order amount” to something absurdly high so that this rule never takes over. However, now that the method is enabled, your free shipping shopping cart price rules can take effect.

Free shipping on all orders

To provide free shipping on all orders, follow these settings.

Conditions: None.

Actions: Use the following settings as guidance:

Free shipping on orders over $XX

To provide free shipping on orders that exceed a certain monetary value, follow these settings. This example shows free shipping on orders over $100.

Conditions: Use the following settings as guidance:

(Why does it show $95, not $100? I’ve had customers call to complain when their order is $99 and they don’t get the free shipping. Honestly, it costs more to take the call than to fudge a little bit on the cutoff values.)

Actions: Use the following settings as guidance: